Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you, Christopher Nolan

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises and OMG IT WAS AMAZING.

It was so action packed. No wonder the people in the Colorado shooting thought that crazy guy was part of the movie. (I was sitting right next to the side exit so I was a little scared myself.)

Anne Hathaway was the perfect selfish, sexy Catwoman and totally worked that leather suit. She honestly doesn't get enough credit for it.

I mean, look at her:
And is she bi? Because her girl friend seemed a little more than a friend.

As always, Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivered and gave a spotless performance. I never really knew how great of an actor he is until I saw him in Inception. He just exuded the Robin aura to the point where I called him out during his first meeting with Bruce Wayne. JGL is simply great.

I absolutely love Marion Cotillard (who also co-starred with JGL in Inception) but I was SO HURT when she turned on Batman. And you could totally see it in his face as well. Batman definitely made the gasping "How could you?!" face. Inception, Midnight in Paris, The Dark Knight Rises...why is she always a little bit psycho?

Of course, Christian Bale was bomb. Even when he was an old man with a cane. If he wasn't a great Batman there would have been upheaval for years.

No complaints here
Michael Caine (Alfred) never fails to stir up the emotions. I love him dearly and honestly Bruce Wayne should learn how to cook his own food and answer his own door. Alfred has stood by Bruce his whole life and practically raised him. I was definitely beefin' when Wayne kicked Alfred out/he left. Maybe even shed a tear.

And one last thing. I always believed that Batman truly belonged to Catwoman in a Bonnie and Clyde way. Not only does she have the skills to watch his back but she keeps him on his toes (clearly since she gave him to Bane!!!) They make a good team despite her instability. Take THAT Miranda Tate!

Christopher Nolan's dark vision of Batman has come together seamlessly. The casting throughout the trilogy has been perfection and this last movie totally brought me in; made me feel a part of it. I liked the subtle social and political statements the movie made as well. I can't wait to buy it!

Thank you, Christopher Nolan for bringing Batman to life.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger <3

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