Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poshy Mag

Not that anyone really cares, but recently I have been in search for a full time job to save for college and continue my penniless existence in pursuit of art. While I was job searching online, I found a posting by a Seattle fashion magazine (Poshy mag) looking for an intern to be an assistant to the editor in chief. Intrigued, I immediately sent an email. It didn't even matter to me that it's unpaid because real passion doesn't have a price! Heh, corny. But you could turn that into something cool.

After I sent the email, I did some research on this self-acclaimed magazine which is something I should've done before sending that email but oh well. Anyway, I was first impressed with the website. I love my city but honestly high fashion is not one of our strengths. We're Microsoft nerds and mountain loving people who eat granola. That's why even the idea of a Seattle fashion magazine impressed me. I even online stalked the editor in chief and found her to be very ambitious just like me! I totally loved her idea and saw some areas where I could contribute in taking this magazine to the next level. I am a visionary after all.

I was so excited that I sent her a follow up email that made my first email look incredibly lame. Basically what I said was, I AM THE BEST AND SUPER COOL AND YOU WANT AND NEED ME...CUZ I'M SO SUPER COOL. Not actually, but it was just as cocky. Once I clicked that send button my adrenaline died down and I had clicker happy remorse. Perhaps I had been a little too confident? Not only that, but I, in my excitement, failed to attach my resume. Both times. EPIC FAIL.

But apparently she liked it because guess who got an email back?

Das right. Dis bad beezy right hurr.

But in all seriousness, I was really happy because I truly believe that Seattle needs to step up the fashion game and get in touch/work with each other. It is so difficult for people of the fashion industry to make it in this city and that's why they move to New York or L.A. My sister is a hair dresser and has recently become really successful but it's been a hard road. A prime example of our failure was during the Seattle Fashion's Night Out, they had to eventually give away free tickets to the fashion show because nobody bought them. This was deeply saddening and disturbing. C'MONSEATTLEGETITTOGETHER. We're a big city! People actually know us! Although it was held out in the open lobby of Pacific Place so I wouldn't pay for those tickets either. Just watch for free outside of the area. #brokegirlprobz

To tie it all up, I have always been passionate about beauty in everything: art, fashion, body, and life if you wanna go cheesy on me. On top of that I've always loved fashion and, not to toot my horn more than I already have, people have always appreciated my style. I even wanted to start my own haute couture line when I was 10 years old. It continued from that to wanting to work for a magazine. Then I saw The Devil Wears Prada and I was like "Mmmm...maybe not" (Pitch Perfect). But this opportunity has changed my mind. I don't believe this magazine is cut-throat because Seattle isn't cut-throat, it's granola and feel like this is a great team that I can co-operate with because everyone is equally ambitious, inspired and passionate. So there's nobody to rain on my parade.

I don't want to get ahead of myself though because I haven't officially gotten the position. I just finished a phone interview and have a final in person interview to attend next week. Eek! Wish me luck!

I mean, this photo should seal the deal

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