Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Your Life Calling Today

Graduating high school for me was a relief; a chance to sit down after a long twelve year race. On top of that, I got to relax in my homeland of Hawai'i. Being there for those eight days was like being in a whole nother universe called Hakuna Matata.

It was when I was at the airport that life got real and slapped me on the head. I was returning to a reality I did not want to deal with: money, work, college, personal goals, society, family, and all the BS we call living. The stress was overwhelming.

Now what provoked this post was a segment of today's Today show: "Your Life Calling Today"

A man discovered later on in his life that his passion was making sand sculptures and envies the young people in his profession who have acknowledged their life calling comparatively early. And it is so weird that I decided to come out and eat breakfast right when this part of the show was on (I do not believe in coincidences) because my life calling of tomorrow has been weighing down on me. Actually, just my life tomorrow in general.

I know it's weighing down on the rest of you young people too! And those of you who aren't happy with your lives right now and/or are possibly considering a career change, you guys are in the boat right next to us.

I don't know how many times I have discussed with my bff the unstable image of our futures (hers is definitely more stable) and these discussions always bring in the same wave of anxiety for me:
Should I go to art school or a university? (After my AA...which reminds me that I still haven't signed up for fall quarter, eek!)
Do I want to do advertising or become a social entrepreneur?
Seattle, San Francisco, or New York?
Peace Corps or LDS mission?
Will I marry colored or white? White is more likely to have a stable future with my track record.
Will I marry rich or poor?
(Either way, my dude has to have swag.)
Am I going to have five kids living in a ghetto apartment while working two jobs to make ends meet? OR
Am I going to have a decent house (or flat!) made of my Pinterest dreams?
(Either way, I'm gonna have kids both biological and adopted. Pinterest dream as well.)
And the list goes on...

All of this to me is a small part of what is my life calling? Or what my Tarot card lady called my soul purpose, which she saw me discover in a far away, distant land. (Whether she said it or not, I know travel is in my future.) It's a question that we all struggle with because I don't think we take the time to truly know ourselves. Corny. But true.

Last night I watched The Rum Diary with Kalina. One quote (and many others) stood out to me:

"Nowadays, people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing."
-  Oscar Wilde

We all know the price of a lifestyle and that's why we chase after stable occupations in medicine, the law, business, etc. But I think what really matters is the value of one's lifestyle or rather one's life. So far, I know that the value of my life is based on spiritual balance and my relationship with myself, others, God, and the universe.

Hopefully with this in mind, I can embark on my journey to discover my life calling and lead an awesome tale worthy life.

However, my life calling at the moment is eating ice cream.

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