Friday, July 20, 2012

Bang, Bang

At the beginning of the month, my friends and I decided to go to this party that this guy "Andy*" was having in Skyway. Skyway is ghetto, so I thought it was going to be ratchet, but I was looking for a move (translation: party, event, social gathering) so I was down for anything.

Kalina and I arrive there and there's lines of cars. Yes, there were hoodrats there but our friends were there as well. There weren't just south end, CD, or Skyway people there were others from the West. It was a huge mix of people...and honestly, it was great.

(So funny: the guy who's party it was, wasn't even there.)

The setup was awesome. Loved the dj stand and canopy with Christmas lights. It was everything a summer party should be: good setup, good music, and attractive company. I felt like I was in a movie.

I saw old friends from elementary and middle school; people I haven't seen in ages! It was so nice catching up with them and just seeing how much everyone changed or hasn't. People were getting along perfectly fine...besides a minor cat fight but that was some petty BS.

Eventually around 2AM the hosts stopped the music and said the party was over. And so we started to drag our feet on the way out.

I had lost Kalina in the crowd so I was standing on the sidewalk/driveway by the main street. I felt uneasy with cars driving by in the dark because knowing the location that I was at it would be very possible for a drive by to occur. As much as I wanted to talk to people, I immediately found my friends and crossed the street with them.

On our way to the car, we heard a loud pop ahead of us that sounded like a firecracker but I was confused because it could have very well been a gunshot. Then we heard multiple pops go off where all the people were.

Silence came and we were standing around stunned not knowing exactly what just happened. Seconds later it was confirmed that it was indeed a shooting and so we RAN to the car, got in, and tried to avoid going through that street at all costs. While we were getting lost, we saw the ambulance and cops at the scene.

Later on that morning, it was all over Twitter that one person died and many people got shot. I knew one of them. She was in my prom group. It was also confirmed that both sides of shooters were retaliating against the other when actually, it was just a firecracker that went off.

The great party that kicked off my summer ended awfully. (And not gonna lie, I'm still a bit sensitive to gunshots in movies.)

Today, I saw trends concerning the 12 people killed in a Colorado theater shooting.

NY Times
AURORA, Colo. — A gunman dressed head-to-toe in body armor and brandishing three weapons, including an assault rifle and a shotgun, opened fire in a theater crowded with families and children at a midnight showing of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in a Denver suburb early Friday morning, killing at least 12 people and wounding at least 59, police and federal officials said. The suspect, James Holmes, 24, told the police after his arrest that he had booby-trapped his Aurora apartment with explosive devices, leading the police to evacuate five buildings in the neighborhood.
- Dan Frosch

First of all, who doesn't love Batman and wouldn't go see it? Secondly, what TARD would go in killing people trying to enjoy an awesome movie! Like...really? Ok.

He clearly took Batman to a whole nother level or something.

I can only imagine what it would be like to be in a movie theater and have some guy shooting at you, etc. Actually it was more like he was waging war against these civilians. At least I was out of shooting range in Skyway...I think.

My condolences to the families out there who have lost their loved ones because of this tragedy. (I'm really bad with comforting so I'm not sure what else to say.)

Violence isn't the answer people, whether we're confused if someone is attacking or someone is going crazy. Either way, fact is that untimely death has a domino effect on all of us socially, economically, politically, and in every way possible.

Future inventor, president, CEO, social entrepreneur...what if my possible future husband was killed in there?! Just kidding. But hey, who knows?

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