Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Eternally Broke Student Life Begins

Today I have to pay for my upcoming quarter classes. However, I don't currently have the money to be able to do that.

So this morning I was in a panic and I rushed to BECU hoping to create an account, apply for a student loan, get the student loan, and pay for my classes.

My over ambition is a normal thing.

In order to get a student loan I have to complete my FAFSA and apply for the loan online and they will have to approve me. But I don't have credit history so I need a credit card. So I applied for that while I was creating my account. And blahblahblah all this crap I have to get out of the way, etc.

Nevertheless, fortune has smiled upon me! (Becoming Jane). And I found some extra cash in a root beer bottle and my dad will spot me a few hundred.

Therefore, I will be able to pay for my classes today.

SUCCESS. Is in the bag.

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