Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pretty Things

I have long fought the idea of going on an LDS mission, even when I got my patriarchal blessing.

The reasons why are:
1. I'll be gone for a whole year and half.
(Missing out on family, friends, fashion, movies, music, and school)
2. Can't wear my cute clothes.
(Modesty to the MAX)
(Self explanatory)
4. What if I run out of deodorant?
(And I'm in a developing country?)
5. I suck at following rules.
(Getting sent back home would be a shame)

But after much reflection, I have decided to go if He (I feel like Amanda Bynes in Easy A when I do that) wants me to.

A year and a half is a long time. A lot can happen. On the other hand, I'm sure it'll be a really awesome experience and just fly by especially if I'm in another country.

As far as fashion is concerned...I'm concerned. When I envision sister missionary I envision borderline Omish. Not that there's anything wrong with they're look, it's just that I definitely have an established style. Plus, I'm sure most of my dresses would show exposed garment, if not all of them. I just love pretty things and pretty dresses are at the top of my list.

Dress that I love
My hair is high maintenance and I'm spoiled because my sister is a high end hair stylist. I just simply don't know what I would do without her for eighteen months. The sight would be horrendous. Then nobody would want to talk to me which would defeat the purpose of a mission.

There are probably a bajillion rules to follow while on a mission. In fact, I know there is because there's a missionary handbook or something like that. And it's things like this that I tend to ignore.

So why go through with this if I know it will cause me painful withdrawal from my pretty things? Because it's the right thing for me to do and the experience will be worth so much more.

I also feel (after connecting my life dots like a week ago) that I'll be going to the Democratic Republic of the Congo which would be totally legit especially since my ex-stake president is now the mission president. However, that makes the whole dressing modestly thing that much more difficult because it's kinda hot there. No bueno. Je ne l'aime pas.

The DRC has a reputation of being a dangerous place to live but it'll be an adventure. It's probably against the rules but I'm definitely going to try and update my blog. I'm sure they have internet cafes? And yeah I'll have to give up my pretty things but luckily, I have three years to prepare myself and stalk up on mission appropriate attire.

And who's to say that sister missionaries can't be fashionable? Especially with our new guidelines!

I can rock it

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