Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pinterest Beauty Experiment (Part 1)

I am a professional "pinner" (as in Pinterest) and I came along some pins about natural beauty solutions that I can create with kitchen products. The one that I liked in particular was this one:

As often as I pin, I don't actually attempt to do the things that I pin. So I woke up this morning (after dreaming that Darth Vader was the leader of the biker club I was in) with the initiative to create the facial/body scrub and especially the anti-redness facial.

First, I consulted my information guru, known as Google, and found that cucumber, oatmeal, milk, and chamomile tea is good for the skin. Iiiinteresting.

Then I went to the kitchen to begin my experiments.

Honey and brown sugar facial/body scrub
1 little clear container
a tablespoon
coconut milk
brown sugar
almond extract

So here's what I did.
Note: I did not measure whatsoever so if you're an instruction freak and need that stuff, well...sorry.

Grab little container and put some honey in there.
The amount is determined by how much you think you need. A question you should ask yourself is if this is a one night stand or long term relationship.

Open a can of coconut milk. Yeah, it doesn't say to use any milk at all but I felt like improvising.
Plus, according to my research, milk is good for the skin. Coconut milk? How could you go wrong?? My favorite is the Thai brand because it's really rich and even has what I like to call coconut paste. However, I had to settle for "Light Coconut Milk" from Trader Joe's. I actually like Trader Joe's, but who buys "light" coconut milk? My mother.

Pour a tablespoon of coconut in with the honey and mix it around.
Add as many tablespoons as you want to get the consistency you desire. If you get a little carried away with the milk, no worries. Just add more honey. That's what I did.

Scoop some brown sugar and put a tablespoon or so in the container with the honey and coconut milk.
I used a Chinese soup spoon.

I went to put the honey back in the cupboard and I saw that we had almond extract. Then, the artist inside told me to add some to my scrub. So I did. Just a few drops.
Anything more probably would have been an overdose.

Final product:
You can see the brown sugar sitting at the bottom.
Spoon is covered with oatmeal from the next experiment.

Sadly, the brown sugar kind of melted in the mix. I was hoping I could get more of a scrubby paste but it was more like liquid body wash with tiny brown sugar beads. No complaints though.

In the shower it was difficult putting on and scrubbing with the hands, so I suggest your loofa go for a little dip. It's easier to use that way. Although when it comes to your face, I suggest the tenderness of your lovely hands.

All in all, I was satisfied. Mostly because I made it myself, but also because my body came out of the shower less dry than normal. And it was all because of Pinterest.

Hold on tight for the oatmeal face mask. I'm going to put it in a different post. This one is long enough.

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